Episode 50: Big Round Number vol. 5


For our 50th episode Mike & Thom discuss how Amazon is poised to become skynet, TMNT production stills, 80’s memories, and X-Men over saturation. After that we actually talk about something real and emotionally relevant; if you want to skip to Nerd Tweets jump to 55:36 Sorry kids, sometimes shit gets dark.

Music: E-Rock, Vanilla Ice

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Mike’s Musings Episode 7: Soup or Bowl

Episode 49: Joysticks Minus Joy

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Thom goes exploring with the new Tomb Raider game and discusses SteamOS, envisioning the utopia of PC gaming without a PC. Meanwhile, Erin is clued into the start of a new season of Sherlock and Mike unloads on the Man of Steel pushbacks.

Music: E-Rock, Mindless Self Indulgence

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